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Comparison Bosch Tronic TR 1000 4T and Zanussi 3-logic 3.5 TS

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Bosch Tronic TR 1000 4T Bosch Tronic TR 1000 4T
Zanussi 3-logic 3.5 TS Zanussi 3-logic 3.5 TS
Bosch Tronic 1000 T/B
Tronic TR 1000 4T
Zanussi 3-logic TS
3-logic 3.5 TS
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The product is outdated
Energy sourceelectricity gridelectricity grid
Tank shaperectangularrectangular
Technical specs
Power source230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)
Power consumption3500 W
3500 W /2000/1500 Вт/
Heating modes3
Max. water temperature50 °C
Performance (Δt ~25 °C)1.8 L/min2 L/min
Water supplyunder pressurewithout pressure
Heating elements11
Heating element type
wet heater
wet heater
water flow regulator
Safety systems
overheat protection
General specs
Controls layoutfront
Pipe connectionon topfrom below
Nozzle tap
Shower head
Dimensions (HxWxD)25x14.4x10 cm
13.5x27x10 cm /weight — 1.5 kg/
Added to E-Catalogoctober 2018march 2015
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Zanussi 3-logic TS often compared