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Leifheit Classic M Compact Plus (72580)

Photos - Ironing Board Leifheit Classic M Compact Plus
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Type: floor; Countertop material: metal grid; Working surface size (cm): 120x38; stand for iron; height adjustment; built-in socket; wire holder; Max height (cm): 95;
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Leifheit Classic M Compact Plus
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Leifheit Classic M Compact Plus
Countertop material
metal grid
Working surface size
120x38 cm
stand for iron
height adjustment
built-in socket
wire holder
Max. height
95 cm
Minimum height
75 cm
5 kg
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july 2014

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Built-in socket. Wire holder. Light weight (5 kg).

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In the model range of the German manufacturer Leifheit, the Classic M Compact Plus board belongs to the basic solutions for home use. It is one of the most popular models in the brand line.

Classic size and light weight

The model received quite typical dimensions of the working surface — 120x38 cm. The tabletop itself is made of perforated metal material, which is well resistant to both thermal and mechanical influences. The lever mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the ironing surface in the standard range of values: from 75 to 95 cm.

Stability on various floor coverings is ensured by both a reliable support system made of steel and plastic tips on the legs. And another nice bonus of the Leifheit Classic M Compact Plus is its light weight of 5 kg, so even very fragile housewives will not have any problems moving the accessory.

Maximum convenience

In equipping the model, it is worth highlighting the presence of a built-in socket with a cable for connecting to a power source. Thanks to this feature, when ironing, you can almost not depend on the length of the iron wire. And to fix the latter, the design also has a special holder: with it, the power cord does not fall under the hot sole and will not interfere with the ironing process.

But the iron stand itself by the board is quite small, even if you do not have a model with a steam generator. Because of this, at least at first, it is necessary to place a hot device here very carefully and slowly so that it does not fall.

The Leifheit Classic M Compact Plus is a practical choice for a reasonable price. Be sure to take a closer look at the model for those who are looking for a lightweight design with a built-in outlet.

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