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Laurastar Smart M

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Type: ironing system; Power (W): 2200; Coating of the working surface: aluminium; Nozzle for delicate fabrics; Steam pressure: 3.5; Water tank volume: 1200; steam supply; vertical steaming; automatic temperature control; automatic shut-off; removable cartridge; control via smartphone; suction mode
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Laurastar Smart M
ironing system
Power consumption
2200 W
Coating of the working surface
Nozzle for delicate fabrics
Steam pressure
3.5 bar
Water tank volume
1200 ml
steam supply
vertical steaming
automatic temperature control
automatic shut-off
removable cartridge
control via smartphone
Ironing board
suction mode
stand for iron
wire holder
cabinet for iron
transport rollers
Working surface
125x42 cm
Minimum height
83 cm
Maximum height
104 cm
Cable length
2.3 m
Iron weight
1.1 kg
System weight
20 kg
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february 2019
Mobile application with system status data synchronization and expert advice. Automatic temperature control. Active ironing board with wire holder. Replaceable cartridges. Compartment for iron. Auto-winding of the power cord.
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Attractive and ergonomic

The ironing system from the Swiss brand Laurastar is remarkable not only for its stylish appearance, which was awarded the Red Dot Award 2018 design award. Due to the fact that the steam generator and the 1.2-liter water tank are located along the support legs, when folded, the model requires a niche less than 22 cm wide.

Laurastar Smart M is easy to adjust in height: 6 levels are available in the range from 83 to 104 cm. Auto-winding of the power cord, a safe storage compartment for the iron, wheels for moving, a wire holder on the ironing board and replaceable filter granules are designed to increase ease of use for water purification.

With active board and without temperature adjustments

The ironing board is equipped with a fan that provides it with two modes of operation: blowing and vacuum. Plus, the user is offered the opportunity to choose one of four speeds of rotation of the blades.

The complete iron received a sole with an aluminium coating, due to which it has a relatively small weight (1.1 kg). It also implements automatic temperature control for different things. And especially for products made of wool, silk and cashmere, a nozzle for delicate fabrics is provided in the kit.

Various types of steam supply

The system delivers steam at a constant pressure of 3.5 bar. It can be used to increase the effectiveness of traditional ironing or for vertical steaming. As additional options, pulse feed (short pulses after each button press) and SenSteam mode are offered. In the latter case, steam is supplied automatically when the iron is moved forward and stops when it is moved back.

Remote control

A bonus feature of Laurastar Smart M is the synchronization function with a smartphone. When you install the Laurastar Smart app, you can remotely change the fan speed, control the wear of the calc cartridge, monitor other operating parameters, as well as get acquainted with video instructions and ironing recommendations.

The disadvantage of the model is the high price even by the standards of the premium segment. But if you want an ironing system with "smart" features and minimal folded dimensions, then the extra charge seems quite reasonable.

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