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Karcher OS 5.320 SV (2.645-135.0)

Photos - Garden Sprinkler Karcher OS 5.320 SV
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Type: oscillating; Installation: platform; Number of nozzles: 20; Nozzle lock keys: 12; Irrigation angle adjustment; Сoverage distance (m): 20; Pressure (bar): 2 – 4; Pressure control;
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Karcher OS 5.320 SV
Number of nozzles
Nozzle lock keys
Irrigation angle adjustment
Spraying width
16 m
Сoverage distance
20 m
Minimum coverage area
20 m²
Max. coverage area
320 m²
2 – 4 bar
Pressure control
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may 2016

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Pressure regulation. The ability to turn off the nozzle. Mudguard.

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"Elite" sprinkler for a country or garden plot

Oscillating sprinkler Karcher OS 5.320 SV is one of the most "advanced" sprinklers of this type. Its advantage lies in the unique ability to adjust and adapt to a specific site. This sprinkler can be configured to water a lawn or garden of almost any size — from 20 m² to 320 m². It has a built-in regulator that allows you to smoothly change the water pressure from minimum to maximum (4 bar). Part of the nozzles (12 out of 20) is turned off when it is necessary to reduce the width of the irrigation strip (it is adjustable in the range from 5 to 16 metres). The sprinkler is long-range, but the range can be adjusted (from 5 m to a maximum of 20 m).

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail

The quality of technology and the thoughtfulness of its design is a hallmark of Karcher sprinklers. They are made of durable plastic (metal is used at the base for reliability), which is not afraid of heat and frost. On the bottom there are steel pins for attaching the sprinkler to the ground. All device adjustments are simple and intuitive. A unique feature of this series of Karchers is the "mudguard" — a small retractable part with which you can cover the half of the nozzles closest to you. Thanks to this “splash guard”, the sprinkler will not be able to douse you with water when you are squatting near the sprinkler, adjusting it. No other sprinkler manufacturer in the world has such concern for users. The package even includes a special (very convenient) device for cleaning nozzles.

It should be noted that the need for cleaning is the only drawback of this device. He absolutely does not like dirty water. If you are taking fluid from a muddy pond or sand well, then before each watering, you should clean the filter and flush the turning mechanism. Therefore, it is better to connect the sprinkler to a pressure system with clean water.

No fuss with Karchers

Karcher OS 5.320 SV (and its cheaper version without switchable nozzles) are great for irrigating medium-sized areas. They can work effectively at pressures of 2 bar or more (that is, in most cases, even the pressure of a conventional water supply will suffice). Sprinklers are connected easily and simply — using conventional hoses, connectors and fittings.

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