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DeWALT D24000

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Type: electric stationary; Power (W): 1600; Rotation speed: 4200; Disc diameter (mm): 250; Cutting length (mm): 610; Cutting depth (mm): 95; Water cooling; Mitre cutting;
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DeWALT D24000
Typeelectric stationary
Power sourcenet
Power1600 W
Rotation speed4200 rpm
Disc diameter250 mm
Bore diameter25.4 mm
Cutting length610 mm
Cutting depth95 mm
Water cooling
Disc/cutter feedtop
Mitre cutting / 0° — 45° /
Folding table legs
Angle stop
Noise level90 dB
Weight32 kg
Added to E-Catalogseptember 2015
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Video reviews

For bulk cutting of tiles

The unit is equipped with a powerful 1600-watt motor that accelerates the nozzle up to 4200 rpm. Thanks to this, it is possible to cut not only tiles, but also porcelain tiles. The cutting depth here is 95 mm, so the tile cutter can cut both paving slabs and facing bricks (and even white brick, whose height is 85 mm). Even with prolonged use, it does not overheat, so it can be used for bulk cutting of tiles by construction teams. It works with large diamond discs with a diameter of 250 mm and a seat of 25.4 mm. Angle cut is carried out in three positions: at angles of 90, 45 and 22.5 degrees. In this case, it is the nozzle with the engine that rotates, and not the frame itself.

Can cut holes "inside" tiles

In a tile cutter, the frame has a hinge system, so it is she who moves during the cut. This is a very convenient design, because the operator leads the tile, as in models with a lower disc feed, but at the same time, with the second hand, he lowers the disc itself exactly on the cutting line — a very accurate cut without flaws is obtained. As with the Husqvarna TS-66-R, the disc motor can be raised and lowered, so you can cut holes for sockets, flower beds (in large paving slabs) and other decorative elements. The size of the bed can be increased with an additional platform that comes with the kit. It is worth noting that many "east european" users are not entirely comfortable with the markings on the bed, as it is written in inches, and we are used to the metric system. However, it can be replaced by simply screwing an ordinary metal ruler with centimeters to the frame. The unit has a table with folding legs.

Dry workplace

The water supply to the saw blade is carried out using a pump that is immersed in the tank. The model has well-organized protection against splashes: on three sides in the direction of rotation, the disk is covered with thick large rubber mudguards, so the workplace always remains dry (except for the bed). True, the drain hole is not very conveniently located in the pan — not all of the water is drained, so you have to take a brush and drive it yourself (during cleaning the unit). The corner stop that comes with the kit has a convenient swivel system: if you don’t need to cut tiles at an angle, just fold it to the side on a hinge without removing it from the bed, and work further without it (in most models, the stop needs to be screwed / unscrewed from bed). But this “beast” will make a lot of noise (91 dB), so we recommend working in protective headphones. For such a professional model, you will have to pay a considerable amount, but in work it will pay off with interest.

Additional features tile cutter DeWALT D24000:
  • Side and rear water collectors included

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