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Chieftec MESH CG-04B-OP black

Photos - Computer Case Chieftec MESH CG-04B-OP black
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Form factor: Midi Tower; Mount: vertical; Motherboard support: ATX; PSU form factor: ATX (regular); Dimensions (mm): 404x180x484; Weight (kg): 4.05; Material: steel; 5.25" bays: 2; 3.5" external bays: 1; 3.5" bays: 2; internal 2.5" compartments: 1; Expansion slots: 7; Fans (back): 2x80мм
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Chieftec MESH CG-04B-OP black
year 2020without fans
Chassis Form Factor:Midi Tower
Motherboard size:ATX
PSU power:no PSU
5.25" slots:2
External bays 3.5":1
Internal bays 3.5":2
Internal bays 2.5":1
Front panel:USB 3.1 gen1, USB 2.0
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