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A&D Broncolor Siros 800 S Monolight with WiFi and RFS2.1 Receiver B-31.643.07

Photos - Studio Lighting A&D Broncolor Siros 800 S Monolight with WiFi and RFS2.1 Receiver B-31.643.07
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A&D Broncolor Siros 800 S Monolight with WiFi and RFS2.1 Receiver B-31.643.07
An exceptional fusion of power and precision, the Siros 800 S Monolight with WiFi and RFS2.1 Receiver is more than just a lighting device; it's a game-changer in studio photography. This compact yet powerful monolight delivers an impressive 800Ws output, providing your studio shots with the perfect illumination every time. The Siros 800 S Monolight offers a 9-stop power range, adjustable in 1/10 or full-stop increments, giving you unparalleled control over your lighting conditions. Its flash duration ranges from a rapid 1/8000 to a steady 1/500 second, ensuring you never miss capturing the perfect moment. With a recycle time that varies from 0.04 to 2.9 seconds based on your power settings, this monolight is always ready for the next shot. The added bonus of a halogen modeling light allows you to visualize your final masterpiece before capturing it.Equipped with a specialized Speed Mode, the Siros 800 S Monolight is designed for rapid sequences of exposures, delivering up to 50 flashes per second at its peak. The integrated USB port keeps your unit updated, while the internal fan keeps it cool, even in high-action scenarios.The Siros 800 S Monolight also steps into the future with WiFi connectivity. Each Siros light is identifiable by a unique LED hue when connected, and the intuitive bronControl app transforms your smartphone or tablet into a remote control. The integrated Broncolor RFS 2.1 receiver makes remote adjustments effortless when paired with an RFS 2.1 transmitter.This monolight is packed with professional-grade features, including Smart Cut-off Technology, Enhanced Color Temperature Control technology, and personalized power distribution. Each lamp in the unit has its own dedicated controller, allowing you unmatched control over the flash power spectrum. The user-friendly rotary control ensures seamless operation, even managing internal power discharge when you dial down the intensity.Designed for comfort and durability, the Siros 800 S Monolight features a double-wall plastic grip with a special coating for longevity and optimum comfort. The aluminum stand adapter adds to its robust nature and doubles as a built-in floor stand. With a standard sync port and built-in photocell, even complex triggering setups are a breeze.Experience the revolution in studio lighting with the Siros 800 S Monolight. It's not just about lighting; it's about precision, power, and elegance in every shot.
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