19" x 35" Webber Decorative with Shelf Rustic Brown/Gray - Kat

Photos - Wall Mirror 19" x 35" Webber Decorative  with Shelf Rustic Brown/Gray - Kat
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19" x 35" Webber Decorative Wall Mirror with Shelf Rustic Brown/Gray - Kat
Adding a mirror to your space not only sets the tone and adds a decorative aesthetic to any room, but it could also bring a sense of function. The Webber mirror from Kate and Laurel allows you to bring an industrial vibe to any wall while spreading light throughout your home and making it appear more open-concept. Inspired by farmhouse decor, the Webber mirror has a heavy-duty, resilient metal frame with an iron-like look. It's a double-barred frame, with the reflective mirror surface attached to the back bars, creating a sophisticated, dimensional accent. The overall dimensions of the Webber mirror are 19 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 36 inches tall. Between the two rounded rectangle frames is a wooden shelf that is 4 inches deep, providing you just enough room to showcase plants, photos, and other small decorative items. If you choose to use this accent as a bathroom mirror, you could use the shelf for small soaps, lotions, and other bathroom necessities. Regardless of where you hang it, the industrial farmhouse Webber mirror mounts on the wall in seconds with concealed eyelet hangers attached to the back of the metal frame.
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