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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Surround Sound Stereo Gaming Headset Black
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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Connection and design
Designoverhead, closed
full size Over-Ear
Connection typewired
Connectionmini-Jack (3.5 mm)
USB A / sound card /
Cable supplysingle-sided
Cable length1.3 m / sound card cable - 2 m /
Cable typeround, braided
Sound7.1 (virtual)
Impedance32 Ohm
Frequency range12 – 28000 Hz
Sensitivity109 dB
Speaker size50 mm
Emitter typedynamic
Microphone specs
Microphoneretractable on the shackle
Frequency range100 – 10000 Hz
Sensitivity-42 dB
Microphone mute
Volume control
External sound card
Ear cushion materialleatherette
Weight322 g
Added to E-Catalogmay 2019


THX Spatial Audio technology for 360° virtual 7.1 sound. External sound card for fine tuning. Set voice chat and headphone volume separately.

Closed-back gaming over-ear headphones with a wired connection, a bundled sound card with support for surround sound virtualization and a retractable microphone on the arm. Positioned as a mid-range product aimed at users who want a comfortable gaming headset with good sound in games and a range of music genres. Oriented for use as part of gaming systems based on PCs, laptops, game consoles and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

They easily adapt to the anatomical features of the user's head, soft ear cushions are comfortable for long-term use. The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headphones are equipped with a high-quality unidirectional microphone with good sensitivity and a wide frequency range, which perfectly captures the voice, which is important for heated multiplayer battles. Virtualization of the eight-channel acoustic environment with THX Spatial Audio technology provides the effect of presence and significantly increases the level of immersion in the game process. Dynamic and punchy sound with improved source positioning allows you to quickly navigate your gaming environment, giving you a tangible gaming edge. 50mm dynamic drivers provide high-quality sound with pronounced accents in the low-frequency region. They do a good job of playing modern popular, dance and club music.

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Video reviews

A gaming headset for ours and yours

It seems to us that a good gaming headset doesn't have to look like a tuned sports car and shine like a Christmas tree. First of all, it should sound good and not put pressure on your head while playing, and design is already a matter of taste. From this belfry, the Razer Kraken TE makes the most of it, with a great built-in microphone, powerful bass sound with an eye for gaming, and a solid yet lightweight design with an aluminium frame and padded shell. Well, the design here is such that it suits both ours and yours. The acid green coloring is sure to appeal to fans of colorful gaming gadgets, while the black coloring of the headset is easy to confuse with professional headphones. Given that the microphone is almost completely hidden in one of the cups, Kraken TE can be used outdoors with a player or smartphone.

Powerful bass-focused sound

As for $110 headphones, the Razer Kraken TE delivers high-quality sound. The 50mm drivers, which reproduce frequencies from 12 to 28,000 Hz, sound surprisingly clear, crisp and powerful. To a large extent, the advanced DAC built into the headphone controller is responsible for this. If you listen to music, they play brightly and powerfully, but not too versatile. There is a clear emphasis on low frequencies, while the middle ones, on the contrary, lack brightness and detail. In bass genres like techno and hip-hop, this is more of an advantage. But with more subtle and complex compositions like jazz music Kraken TE handles not in the best way. Although, if necessary, you can always resort to using the built-in equalizer.

Quality DAC with 3D THX Spatial Audio

But in games, everything changes dramatically. The fact is that instead of the usual virtualization, the DAC supports THX Spatial Audio technology, which creates a full 360-degree sound, comparable only to what is in models with Dolby Atmos. In shooters like COD and Battlefield, where the developers responsibly approached the implementation of multi-channel sound, you can even hear the noise of stones under the feet of opponents. And when a grenade or an enemy shell explodes behind your back, you bounce in your chair out of habit. You certainly need to feel it yourself, verbal epithets do not convey even half of the delight. I also liked that the sound card has a separate low-frequency control, which allows you to pile on the right amount of bass in games and movies without resorting to the software equalizer in the Razer Synapse utility.