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Husqvarna 353 15 (9651697-15)

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Product type: chain; Type: portable; Power source: petrol motor; Engine size (cm³): 51.7; Power (W): 2400; Power (hp): 3.26; Bar/blade size (mm): 380; chain brake; anti-vibration system; Noise level (dB): 114; Weight (kg): 5;
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Husqvarna 353 15
Product typechain
Power sourcepetrol motor
Engine size51.7 cm³
Power2400 W
Power3.26 hp
Idle speed2700 rpm
No load speed13000 rpm
Cutting equipment
Bar/blade size380 mm
Chain pitch0.325 "
Chain speed23 m/s
Featureschain brake
anti-vibration system
Noise level114 dB
Fuel tank volume0.5 L
Oil tank volume0.28 L
Weight5 kg / without bar and chain /
Added to E-Catalogdecember 2009

Great power (for its class). Possibility to install tyres up to 50 cm. Two-stage air purification system. Large fuel tank.

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Champion in his weight class

Excluding the cutting attachment, the Husqvarna 353 15 saw weighs only 5 kg, which is why it is considered light. But at the same time, it is quite powerful (by the standards of its “weight category”). The 51.7 cm³ engine produces as much as 3.26 hp. (2.4 kW). Thanks to this power, the tool can be used not only for solving gardening tasks, but also as a professional chainsaw for lumberjacks and builders.

The standard tyre that comes with the chainsaw has a length of 38 cm. But the manufacturer allows you to install other tyres, up to long 50 cm, because the power plant has enough power reserve to cope with increased loads.

Time-tested design

This chainsaw has been produced since 2002 and is considered a "legend" due to its reliability and high quality (all saws of the 353rd model are made in Sweden). She has a magnesium crankcase, consisting of two halves with a crankshaft pressed into them. The tool is equipped with a decompressor and primer (for easy starting in all conditions), an adjustable oil pump (for adjusting to different operating conditions) and a convenient side-access chain tensioner. Two-stage air purification (centrifugal system plus long serviced filter) perfectly filters out dust and wood particles. The engine is able to "digest" gasoline of poor quality. A large tank (0.5 L) allows you to work up to 20 – 25 minutes on one gas station. The anti-vibration system, consisting of several springs and dampers, absorbs beats and vibrations well, reducing the load on the hands.

The optimal chainsaw for lumberjacks

The Husqvarna 353 15 chainsaw is designed for commercial use. It is designed for daily work for many hours per shift. It costs a lot, but among the "workhorses" that can withstand intensive work at a construction site or logging, it is difficult to find something cheaper.

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