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Zalman S5 white

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Zalman S5 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case 2 x 120mm Fans Included 1x RGB Thic
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Zalman S5 white
Chassis Form Factor:Midi Tower
Motherboard size:ATX
PSU power:no PSU
Internal bays 3.5":2
Internal bays 2.5":4
Front panel:USB 3.1 gen1, USB 2.0

Stylish and functional case with Midi Tower dimensions, positioned by the manufacturer in an affordable price segment. The chassis has motherboard mounts in the following sizes: ATX, microATX and Mini-ITX. For the power supply there is a dedicated compartment, which is located at the very bottom. The right sidewall is transparent, it is made of impact-resistant glass 4 mm thick. The front panel received a decorative RGB backlight.

Together with the Zalman S5 WH case itself, a pair of 120-m fans is also supplied, while one of the coolers has an RGB backlight. To control the operation of the illumination, an appropriate regulator is provided on the interface panel. In total, the system unit has 8 seats for installing coolers. Additionally, there are several mounts for mounting liquid cooling radiators. On the basis of this case, it will be possible to assemble a sufficiently performant gaming system.

The chassis has room for 7 PCI-E expansion cards. The length of the graphics accelerator can reach 340 mm, the allowable height of the processor is 163 mm. Of the memory drives, you can use 2 devices for 3.5 "and 4 drives for 2.5". At the same time, 3.5" seats can be converted to 2.5". The building received a cable management system. The list of interfaces includes 3 USB ports (two 2.0 and one USB 3.2 gen1) and 3.5 mm audio jacks.

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