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Antec DP502 FLUX white (0-761345-80051-8)

Photos - Computer Case Antec DP502 FLUX white
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Antec DP502 FLUX white
Chassis Form Factor:Midi Tower
Motherboard size:ATX
PSU power:no PSU
5.25" slots:1
Internal bays 3.5":3
Internal bays 2.5":3
Front panel:USB 3.1 gen1

A fairly advanced gaming computer case with an interesting design and an excellent cooling system. This case has five 120mm fans, with three coolers behind the front panel equipped with ARGB lighting. There is one more turntable on the back wall and on the partition of the power supply. The bottom fan, located above the power supply bay, provides airflow directly to the graphics card.

An interesting feature of this box is the presence of a seat for installing a 5.25″ drive. Access to the optical drive is covered by a convenient lid with a swivel mechanism. The Antec DP502 FLUX computer case allows you to use high-performance components in the system unit. So, in this case it will be possible to mount a microprocessor cooling tower up to 175 mm high. The opening for installing PCI-E expansion cards, including the video card, has a length of 405 mm. This model is equipped with an interesting backlight. Illumination is provided in the front fans and a decorative insert on the front panel. You can control the lighting effects using the button located on the interface block. The list of ports includes: two USB 3.2 connectors and audio system jacks.

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