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Steba DF 180 (26.38.00)

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Type: deep fryer; Programmes: Basket capacity (kg): 1; Bowl volume (L): 3; removable bowl; viewing window; heat indicator; Power consumption (W): 2000; Material: metal; Dimensions (mm): 210x160x410; Weight (kg): 2.8;
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Steba DF 180
deep fryer
cooking t
140 – 190°C
Basket capacity
1 kg
Bowl volume
3 L
removable bowl
viewing window
heat indicator
Power consumption
2000 W
210x160x410 mm
2.8 kg
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january 2014

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Stainless steel body. Large viewing window. The removable bowl can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Impressive apparatus

The Steba household fryer is more like a professional appliance: it has impressive dimensions, a stainless steel body and a power of 2000 watts. It also weighs a lot - 2.8 kg, so it is not very convenient to carry it from place to place. But the device stands steadily on the surface - it is almost impossible to accidentally turn the container over and pour out the oil. There is an explanation for such dimensions, and this is a large capacity: the volume of the container for oil and fat is 3 liters. Usually, the larger the volume, the more products fit in the basket, but not in this case. The manufacturer strongly recommends loading a maximum of 1 kg of ingredients at a time, and ideally even 600 g. So, in terms of oil consumption, the model can be called rather “gluttonous”. But keep in mind that one “dressing” is enough for several times: for example, when frying meat or fish, oil can be used up to 10 times, and even longer with potato dishes or dough. Used oil can be stored directly in the fryer, but with the lid closed and in a cool, dry place - under these conditions, the shelf life is up to 6 months.

Big but comfortable

The Steba DF 180 offers temperature settings from 140 to 190 degrees with a stepless switch for smooth adjustment. There are no symbols other than red, which indicates high heat, so you can’t do without instructions: temperatures up to 170 degrees are suitable for dough, chips, potatoes, beef and fish, and higher values \u200b\u200bare for steaks, kebabs and frozen foods. An indicator indicates readiness for work, and thermally insulated handles eliminate the risk of accidentally getting burned. The frying process and the degree of readiness of the dish can be observed through the viewing window - fortunately, it is large here and occupies almost the entire area of \u200b\u200bthe lid. In addition, a filter is provided that traps unpleasant odours.

Finally, removable parts, including the oil container, are an undoubted advantage. This greatly facilitates the cleaning process, and it is much more convenient to drain the oil. In addition, the main bowl can be washed in the dishwasher.

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