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Nuvita 1082

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Type: sterilizer; Principle of operation: electric; Sterilization: steam; for pacifiers and teats; for bottles and jars; auto switch-off; Modes: Capacity (pcs): 5; Sterilization time (min): 4; Power source: mains;
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Nuvita 1082
Principle of operation
Suitable for
for pacifiers and teats
for bottles and jars
auto switch-off
5 pcs
Sterilization time
4 min
Power source
20x21x30 cm
176 g
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july 2018
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Includes two racks to accommodate wide-mouthed bottles (maximum 4 pcs.) or narrow-necked bottles (maximum 5 pcs.). Two sterilization modes: short (4 minutes) and intensive (8 minutes)

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Modest and tasteful

The Nuvita 1082 Volumetric Steam Sterilizer quickly and effectively removes germs and bacteria from baby supplies and utensils.

The device is made of high-quality plastic that does not contain harmful components. The design consists of two interchangeable racks. One is designed for large bottles with a wide neck, the other is used for standard sizes and various small things.

Simple and multifunctional

Using a sterilizer does not require special skills. Everything is simple and clear here, and maintenance is not difficult, since all components are suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.

Two sterilization cycles

For different workloads, two sterilization cycles are provided: intensive and short. The first one reaches eight minutes and is designed for thorough processing of numerous containers (up to five pieces of large bottles) after serious contamination: milk formula, milk, porridge, compotes, etc. A short cycle of four minutes can be used for pacifiers, rodents, forks and spoons, as well as toys and dishes that do not like long contact with steam.

Sterility of children's accessories is maintained for 12 hours. At the end of the programme, an automatic shutdown is triggered, accompanied by an audible signal.

Users note that the device works silently, which is an incredible plus when there are small children in the house. Unfortunately, additional accessories are not provided, but this is not a significant drawback.

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