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Miele B 995 D

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Type: ironer; Power (W): 3500; Water tank volume: 840; Working surface dimensions (cm): 83x16; steam supply; automatic shut-off; transport rollers;
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Miele B 995 D
Power consumption
3500 W
Water tank volume
840 ml
Working surface dimensions
83x16 cm
steam supply
automatic shut-off
Ironing board
transport rollers
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march 2016

3 temperature settings. Adjustment of speed of rotation of an ironing shaft. Foldable stand on casters included.

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Easy smoothing of difficult things

The press of the German manufacturer Miele belongs to the category of ironing rollers. Instead of two pressing platforms, the main working element here is a heated rotating shaft with a width of 83 cm. A special fixing bar is moved to it for smoothing, providing high clamping pressure. The edge of the linen is placed on the shaft, and when rotated, it is pulled under the bar. In the process of movement, the already smoothed product should be carefully placed on the ironing table located in the lower part of the working area.

The shaft rotation speed in the Miele B 995 D is set by the user independently. In a minute, from 2 to 4.5 metres of fabric can pass through it. High speeds are suitable for single-layer fabrics, while low speeds are suitable for dense materials and complex products, such as blouses.

By the way, the open edges of the working shaft make it possible to smooth such clothing items as collars and sleeve cuffs here.

3 temperature settings + steam

For the purpose of uniform heating, the skating rink was equipped with three heating elements at once with a total power of 3500 watts. Using the rotary knob, one of the three available temperature modes is set: minimum for delicate fabrics and synthetics, medium for wool and silk, maximum for cotton and linen. In the latter, steam treatment of things is offered as an option: you first need to fill the tank built into the case with a capacity of 840 mL with water.

Thoughtful ergonomics

The start of ironing and steaming, as well as the stop of rotation, are controlled using a foot pedal, and at this time you can direct the fabric under the shaft with your hands. In general, it is recommended to work with the Miele B 995 D while seated.

Safe operation of the model is ensured by an automatic stop to protect the fingers, emergency lifting of the locking bar in case of power outages, as well as the overall high stability of the roller. It is provided with a complete leg-stand. It is complemented by rollers for moving and a swivel bar for hanging clothes. And the stand allows you to fold the device, lowering the body into a vertical position for compact storage.

The disadvantages of the Miele B 995 D include high cost, but for a large household or commercial purposes, such an investment is fully justified. The roller makes ironing large items easier and faster, even against the background of presses, not to mention ordinary irons. In addition, for example, the Miele PM 1210 EL costs several times more.

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