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Laurastar S Pure Plus (71531)

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Type: ironing system; Power (W): 2200; Coating of the working surface: aluminium; Nozzle for delicate fabrics; Steam pressure: 3.5; Water tank volume: 1200; steam supply; vertical steaming; automatic shut-off; removable cartridge; suction mode; ventilation; stand for iron; wire holder
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Laurastar S Pure Plus
ironing system
Power consumption
2200 W
Coating of the working surface
Nozzle for delicate fabrics
Steam pressure
3.5 bar
Water tank volume
1200 ml / removable /
steam supply
vertical steaming
automatic shut-off
removable cartridge
Ironing board
suction mode
stand for iron
wire holder
cabinet for iron
transport rollers
Working surface
125x42 cm
Minimum height
82 cm
Maximum height
102 cm
Cable length
2.3 m
Iron weight
1.26 kg
System weight
19 kg
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june 2019

Iron with nozzle for delicate fabrics. Active ironing board with holder. Replaceable anti-calc cartridge. Thermobox for iron.
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Compact and practical solution

One of Laurastar's flagship ironing systems is notable for its stylish and thoughtful design. For example, by placing a 1.2-liter removable water tank and a steam generator along the support legs, it is compact when folded. As a result, Laurastar S Plus will require a niche only 20 cm wide to store it.

The model provides a folding stand for the iron, which opens access to the storage compartment. This cabinet is made of heat-resistant plastic, which means that it is not necessary to wait for the soleplate of the device to cool. There is also a traditional adjustment of the working surface in height (from 82 to 102 cm), transport rollers and replaceable filter granules (cartridges) in the delivery set, designed to purify water from scale.

Easy glide and gentle care

The Laurastar S Plus iron has an aluminium soleplate, which contributes to both the overall low weight of the device (1.26 kg) and easy gliding on various materials. The base is complemented by 9 steam outlets, and under the handle is a traditional temperature regulator. A special nozzle-sole has also been proposed, which reduces undesirable high-temperature effects on delicate fabrics.

A 2200 W steam generator takes about 3 minutes to preheat the liquid. The manufacturer claims a constant working pressure of 3.5 bar, which ensures deep penetration of steam not only into the lungs, but into various dense, multilayer textile products.

Active and controllable ironing board

To match its status, the system is equipped with an active ironing surface. It supports the function of creating a vacuum or blowing, and the user can not only select the appropriate modes, but also the ability to set one of 2 rotation speeds of the 16-watt fan. But the heating of the working surface is not provided.

Other options include automatic shutdown (after 15 minutes of inactivity), easy transport due to a moderate total weight (19 kg) and transport rollers. The disadvantages of the model include a high price. However it is lower than that of the related version of Smart M, which supports control from a smartphone. Therefore, if you need a high-quality and not bulky device when folded, then Laurastar S Plus should definitely not be deprived of attention.

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