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GARDENA AquaZoom M 18712-20

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Type: oscillating; Installation: platform; Number of nozzles: 16; Irrigation angle adjustment; Сoverage distance (m): 18; Pressure control;
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GARDENA AquaZoom M 18712-20
Number of nozzles
Irrigation angle adjustment
Spraying width
14 m
Сoverage distance
18 m
Minimum coverage area
9 m²
Max. coverage area
250 m²
Pressure control
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may 2020


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Pressure regulation.

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Sprinkler with flexible settings

The GARDENA AquaZoom M Sprinkler is designed to irrigate rectangular areas of lawns and vegetable gardens. Its jets hit far (range is 18 m at a pressure of 4 bar), so the maximum possible irrigation area is 250 m². But it is possible to change the angle of inclination of the side nozzles (reducing the width of the irrigated strip from 14 m to 3 m) and smoothly adjust the pressure (reducing the strength of the jet). With the help of sliders and "knobs" you can precisely control the sprinkler, telling it which areas of the lawn or garden should be watered and which should be left dry.

5 year warranty

The sprinkler is made of high-quality plastic, which is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and temperatures below zero (the manufacturer gives a guarantee for 5 years). The strength of the structure is given by a metal part at the base. Water enters the sprinkler through a built-in filter in the form of a conical stainless steel mesh. It well protects the mechanisms hidden inside the case from grains of sand and dirt. Therefore, you are unlikely to have to clean the nozzles. Before turning on the sprinkler, it is enough to run your finger over a number of nozzles to clean the jets of limescale — and they are ready to spray water in tiny drops.

A complete system of irrigation equipment

The Gardena range of sprinklers has oscillating devices of various sizes. They are marked with the letters S, M and L, like clothes. The model in question with the letter M is a device for irrigating medium-sized areas. She has completely identical "brothers" in design: S (for 150 m²) and L (for 350 m²). The whole series is designed to work in water pressure networks with a pressure of 2 to 4 bar. That is, these sprinklers are compatible with most submersible and surface pumps. To connect them, you can use not only branded hoses, connectors and adapters, but also any others. Therefore, any Gardena garden equipment will perfectly fit into the existing infrastructure of your site.

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