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Chicco Steril Natural 2 in 1

Photos - Sterilizer / Heater Chicco Steril Natural 2 in 1
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Type: sterilizer; Principle of operation: electric; Sterilization: steam; Modular design; for pacifiers and teats; for bottles and jars; auto switch-off; readiness indicator; Modes: Capacity (pcs): 6; Sterilization time (min): 5; Power source: mains;
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Chicco Steril Natural 2 in 1
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Chicco Steril Natural 2 in 1
Principle of operation
Modular design
Suitable for
for pacifiers and teats
for bottles and jars
auto switch-off
readiness indicator
6 pcs
Sterilization time
5 min / without water heating /
Power source
Power consumption
450 W
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september 2016



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Modular design allows the sterilizer to be used in two versions: full-size (up to 6 bottles of 330 mL and accessories, 120 mL of water is needed) and compact (1-2 bottles of 330 mL and accessories, 80 mL of water is needed)

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Great helper for little toddlers

Chicco is a well-known leader in the manufacture of goods for children. Of the entire range, the Steril Natural 2 in 1 electric sterilizer under a famous brand deserves the attention of young parents, as high-quality assembly and characteristics will make it easy and hassle-free to take care of children's dishes.

big and important

The sterilizer is made of high-quality plastic and received a modular system that allows you to sterilize both large and small bottles. True, it’s worth mentioning right away that the overall assistant will require a lot of space in your kitchen, but it deserves an honorary pedestal.

For big and small

In full-size form, up to 6 bottles of 330 mL can be sterilized at a time. This is an excellent indicator. Using this option will be especially important when the baby grows up and the amount of food increases, or if your baby is completely bottle-fed and there is a need for a large amount of containers.

It is noteworthy that 6 bottles will be enough for a day of feeding an artificial baby, and the ability to keep the dishes sterile for 24 hours will allow you to solve the issue of cleaning and sterilization once a day. And if you are happy parents of twins, then the thing is simply irreplaceable.

Just five minutes

If you need to sterilize a couple of bottles, and at the same time one or two teats or your favorite nibbler, you can use a compact option that saves space.

The steam sterilization process takes only five minutes, but additional warm-up time must be taken into account. During this time, according to the manufacturer, up to 99.9% of harmful microbes and bacteria are destroyed.

Automatic shutdown

At the end of the cycle, an automatic shutdown will work, which is convenient and safe. Also, the device will automatically turn off if the tank runs out of water.

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