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VERTO 15G772

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Type: oscillating; Installation: platform; Number of nozzles: 18; Irrigation angle adjustment; Сoverage distance (m): 22; Hose diameter: 1/2", 3/4";
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VERTO 15G772
Number of nozzles
Irrigation angle adjustment
Spraying width
19 m
Сoverage distance
22 m
Max. coverage area
418 m²
Hose diameter
1/2", 3/4"
Added to E-Catalog
may 2018
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Three or four acres in one run

VERTO 15G772, like many other oscillating type sprinklers, is distinguished by a large jet range. This sprinkler can water plants that are up to 11 m away from its installation site (i.e., the range is 22 m). The width of the irrigation strip is also decent — up to 19 m. The area of the irrigated zone is easily reduced with the help of sliders and regulators that limit the angle of rotation of the mechanism or inclination of the nozzles. The maximum irrigation area reaches 418 m² at a pressure of 6 bar (at 3 bar — 285 m²).

Low-cost but decent

VERTO sprinklers are inexpensive. Even this model, although it is the "coolest" among them, costs less than $25. The difference between it and more expensive counterparts (for example, the Gardena or Karcher brands, which cost one and a half to two times more), is that the VERTO sprinkler has a slightly thicker jet and slightly worse irrigation uniformity. It should also be noted that there is no metal in the design of this sprinkler, and the handles for adjusting the angle of inclination are flimsy and “gentle”. Therefore, you should not be too rough with it.

VERTO sprinklers for every taste

VERTO 15G772 will suit you if you need to water 4 acres at a time, and there is a normal water pressure on the site. And for 2 acres, it is better to take VERTO 15G773, which is mounted on a leg and equipped with a pressure regulator for fine tuning. In the VERTO catalog you can also find inexpensive hoses, connectors and other accessories (like water timers) necessary for organizing irrigation on the site.

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