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Sencor SSI 9400BK

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Type: household; Power (W): 3100; Coating of the working surface: aluminium; Steam supply power (g/min): 50; Steam boost power (g/min): 220; Water tank volume: 350; steam supply; vertical steaming; automatic temperature control; automatic shut-off; eco mode; self-cleaning from limescale
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Sencor SSI 9400BK
Power consumption
3100 W
Coating of the working surface
aluminium / anodized /
Steam supply power
50 g/min
Steam boost power
220 g/min
Water tank volume
350 ml
steam supply
vertical steaming
automatic temperature control / P-Temp /
automatic shut-off
eco mode
self-cleaning from limescale
anti-drip system
sound alarm
Cable length
3 m
Iron weight
1.3 kg
Added to E-Catalog
december 2020
Power 3100 W. P-Temp technology for automatic temperature selection. Ability to manually adjust the temperature. Display. Surface illumination. 350 mL water tank. Cup included. System of self-cleaning from a scum with the indicator.
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Video reviews

electronic iron

This is not just an iron, but an electronic steam iron that keeps up with the times. It is equipped with a display that shows all the necessary information about the ironing temperature and other parameters, and it provides good visibility from different viewing angles. In addition, the electronic control system maintains the exact required temperature.

Also, for ease of use, the manufacturer added sound signals that report on and heating, surface illumination so that even the smallest folds can be seen, light weight (1.3 kg) and a 3-metre power cord. And the auto-off system will turn off the device after 8 minutes of immobility in an upright position and after 30 seconds on the sole or on the side.

Temperature selection

The iron has a high power of 3100 W and allows you to independently adjust the temperature for ironing: low is suitable for synthetics, medium for cotton and wool mixed with other types of fibers, and high for velveteen, linen and denim. If you don’t want to sort your laundry or are not sure about the type of fabric, P-Temp technology will become a lifesaver. It maintains the optimum temperature for all types of fabric without the need for any adjustment.

Steam function

The model provides up to 50 g of steam per minute (only in a horizontal position) and a steam boost with a power of 220 g / min, including when steaming vertically. The anodized soleplate has 400 steam outlets and ensures your clothes are perfectly ironed. If the temperature is not high enough for steam to form, the supply will be stopped so that there are no wet spots on the laundry. Also, instead of steam, you can simply moisten the fabric with water from a spray nozzle. The water tank is quite large — 350 mL. And to make it easier to pour the liquid, the kit comes with a glass of 30 mL. A trifle, but nice.

The iron will also take care of its “health”: the Anti-Calc filter prevents the formation of limescale, and the Self-cleaning system fights mineral deposits. The indicator will notify you of the need for cleaning.

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