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Sencor SFR 5320WH

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Type: multi-oven; Programmes: fries; chicken; fish; cupcake; more features: hamburgers; Bowl volume (L): 3; removable bowl; anti-odour filter; heat indicator; non-stick coating; Timer: electronic; Power consumption (W): 1400; Material: plastic; Dimensions (mm): 345x350x352; Weight (kg): 5.1
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Sencor SFR 5320WH
cooking t
60 – 200ºС
Bowl volume
3 L
removable bowl
anti-odour filter
heat indicator
non-stick coating
electronic / 60 minutes /
Power consumption
1400 W
345x350x352 mm
5.1 kg
Added to E-Catalog
december 2017
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Child lock function.

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Bright colours

First of all, the multi-oven catches the eye with its design: a white plastic case has bright green inserts and a large LCD display with a touch control panel. The design is the same as most of these devices: a removable basket with a handle is hidden inside, where ingredients are directly poured, a container where the basket is inserted and fat drains, as well as a heating element and a fan that circulates hot air. In addition, a filter is built into the air outlet grate that absorbs greasy fumes and odours so that you do not smell “aromas” during frying.

3 liter bowl

The device has a power of 1400 W and a bowl with a volume of 3 liters. However this is a total volume, and since it is impossible to fully load the container, the actual allowable amount of food is much less: for example, 500 g of french fries, chicken legs or nuggets, up to 400 g of frozen fish fingers and a maximum of 5 muffins. For this there is a designation MAX on the wall. By the way, both the basket and the lower container have a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking, but requires more delicate care — without the use of metal accessories and abrasive cleaners. You cannot wash them in the dishwasher.

Programs and settings

Sencor SFR 5320 offers 6 automatic programs that automatically set the settings depending on the type of product. These are pre-fried french fries; homemade french fries; hamburgers; chicken legs; fish and cakes. And if everything is clear with five, then the “Hamburgers” mode is not so common. In fact, it means frying a minced meat patty, which will eventually become the main component of your hamburger. You can also independently set the time (up to 60 minutes) and cooking temperature (from 60 to 200 degrees), change them at any time, even during operation, and pause the process to mix the ingredients. After the set time has elapsed, an audible signal will sound, and the device will go into standby mode. Also, the heating element turns off and the countdown stops when the container with the basket is pulled out. Finally, a child lock function is provided to prevent younger family members from accidentally changing the settings.

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