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Ryobi WS721S (3000285)

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Type: electric stationary; Power (W): 500; Rotation speed: 2900; Disc diameter (mm): 178; Cutting depth (mm): 33; Water cooling; Mitre cutting;
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Ryobi WS721S
Typeelectric stationary
Power sourcenet
Power500 W
Rotation speed2900 rpm
Disc diameter178 mm
Bore diameter25.4 mm
Cutting depth33 mm
Water cooling
Disc/cutter feedbottom
Mitre cutting / 22.5° / 45° /
Folding table legs
Angle stop
Table dimensions502x381 mm
Noise level61 dB
Weight15.5 kg
Official websiteru.ryobitools.eu
Added to E-Catalogfebruary 2018

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Low power consumption

The tile cutter is equipped with a small 500W motor. It is capable of cutting tiles up to 33 mm thick. The advantage of this tile cutter is low power consumption, so the device is suitable for serial cutting of tiles of various shapes and sizes. The unit is capable of cutting tiles at angles of 22.5 and 45 degrees (two positions). And for curly cutting diagonally there is an angular stop, which is fixed to a parallel bar. Thanks to him, you can cut triangles and pentagons of any size.

Foldable legs for ease of use

The design of the tile cutter provides the presence of folding legs. Thanks to them, the operator will not need to look for an additional stand for the device. And having folded them, you can easily put the tile cutter in the boot and transport it to another object. The Japanese-made stainless steel bed is rigidly fixed and does not shake during operation (this happens on some cheap models).

Quiet at work

A pleasant moment is the low noise level of the device at 61 dB (like a hair dryer), which is important, since all work is done indoors. The device is equipped with the function of automatic shutdown of the engine in case of overload. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on this tile cutter, taking into account constant use.

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