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Russell Hobbs Cordless One Temperature 26020-56

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Type: household; Power (W): 2600; Coating of the working surface: ceramic; Steam supply power (g/min): 45; Steam boost power (g/min): 210; Water tank volume: 350; steam supply; vertical steaming; automatic shut-off; wireless operation; self-cleaning from limescale; anti-drip system; Cable length (m): 1.9
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Russell Hobbs Cordless One Temperature 26020-56
Russell Hobbs Cordless One Temperature 26020-56
Power consumption
2600 W
Coating of the working surface
Steam supply power
45 g/min
Steam boost power
210 g/min
Water tank volume
350 ml
steam supply
vertical steaming
automatic shut-off
wireless operation
self-cleaning from limescale
anti-drip system
Cable length
1.9 m
Iron weight
1.6 kg
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august 2020


Only one optimal ironing temperature. Charging in just 6 seconds at 5 to 10 second ironing intervals.

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Only one temperature

The British brand Russell Hobbs offers an expensive, but quite powerful cordless iron that can work without a wire or with a base connected in normal wired mode. Its power is 2600 W, which means fast heating and high performance. Steam is produced at speeds up to 45 grams per minute, and strong folds on thick fabrics will help remove a powerful steam boost (210 g / min). As a result, such a device can handle even the most complex tasks. However the model works with only one temperature, which, in fact, is what its name says. The manufacturer does not indicate specific figures, but notes that the operating temperature guarantees the safety of all ironable fabrics and garments. Nevertheless, for such a price, I would like not to take a word, but still be able to set the settings for different types of fabric.

Charges fast — cools down quickly

The iron is equipped with a triangular-shaped charging base, which is responsible for its power supply. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to move away from the outlet for a long time, since the sole cools down quickly enough in wireless mode. Of course, the manufacturer emphasizes fast recharging — only 6 seconds to heat up to the required temperature, but this is subject to use with an interval of 5 – 10 seconds. And for a full-fledged ironing, this is not enough, and as a result, the process will take a lot of time, as you will constantly be distracted by recharging. At the same time, a convenient smart indicator can be written as a plus, which indicates heating and the need for charging, flashing in different colours and emitting sound signals.

But it's convenient

For convenient use, there is a cord of sufficient length (1.9 metres), an anti-drip system that prevents water from leaking onto clothes, a self-cleaning function and an anti-calc system that extends the life of the device. For the most forgetful, there is an automatic shutdown that works after 8 minutes of inactivity. And the water tank holds a whopping 350ml so you don't have to worry too much about refilling it.

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