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Rebir IE-1206-16/2000ER (07.001.00009)

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Product type: drill mixer; Type: portable; Power consumption (W): 2000; Rotation speed (rpm): 330/500; Max. torque (Nm): 431; Reduction drive: 2 speed; Reverse: flag; Chuck type: morse taper and key; Chuck diameter (mm): 16; speed controller; power button lock; Weight (kg): 6.3;
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Rebir IE-1206-16/2000ER
Product type
drill mixer
Power consumption
2000 W
Rotation speed
330/500 rpm
Max. torque
431 Nm
Reduction drive
2 speed
Chuck type
morse taper and key / MK 3 /
Chuck diameter
16 mm / key /
Max. wood drilling diameter
70 mm
Max. steel drilling diameter
32 mm
speed controller
power button lock
Power source
electricity grid
6.3 kg
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july 2015

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RPM preset. Two speeds. Morse taper.

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Heavy Duty Drill Mixer

In terms of power, the Rebir IE-1206-16/2000ER is comparable to the most powerful drills. A two-kilowatt motor paired with a reduction gear provide huge torque that can be used for a wide variety of tasks. The device easily mixes dense building mixtures, drills large-diameter holes in wood (up to 70 mm) and metal (up to 32 mm) using crowns. A two-speed gearbox and a speed preset function allow you to select the optimal speed for working with any material.

But this drill is not for the weak. She weighs a lot (6.3 kg). In addition, the design does not provide a torque limiting clutch. When the drill is jammed, the drill will break either it or the operator's hand if he gapes. To work with such a tool, you must have remarkable strength.

Details and nuances

The package includes two additional handles (the front one is on slots on the neck of the gearbox, the side one is screwed in from above). The mechanical gear selector is on the side. The speed limiter is made in the classic way — in the form of a wheel on the start button. The reverse switch is not made in the best way, it is flimsy and requires more or less careful handling.

The device is sold with a standard 16mm cartridge. By pulling out the chuck, you can install industrial-grade tooling with Morse taper shanks into the drill mixer.

A tool for those who don't compromise

The Rebir tool in general and this model in particular can be safely recommended to those who have high demands for power and reliability. The Rebir IE-1206-16/2000ER drill fully complies with such requirements. It is often used by those who are engaged in wooden housing construction, because it allows you to quickly and confidently drill holes for dowels. In conventional construction, this drill is used as a reliable hand mixer, able to work for a long time without stopping and mix large volumes of mixtures in one go. And the design of the gearbox neck allows you to install the tool in a rack and use it as a vertical machine for drilling steel and non-ferrous metals.

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