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Nordic Track RX800

Photos - Rowing Machine Nordic Track RX800
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$817.44 to $864.00
Load system: aerial; Stops length adjustment; Training programs: 20; training time; distance; speed; stroke rate; total number of strokes; calorie consumption; generated power; Power source: net; Country of origin: USA; Dimensions (cm): 220x56x108;
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Nordic Track RX800
Max. user weight130 kg
Mechanism and design
Load systemaerial
Stops length adjustment
Transport rollers
Programs and information
Training programs20
Informingtraining time
stroke rate
total number of strokes
calorie consumption
generated power
Power sourcenet / or 4 D-type batteries /
Country of originUSA
Dimensions220x56x108 cm
Weight45 kg
Added to E-Catalogjanuary 2016
EAN / UPS / GTIN code

The model is equipped with two speakers, as well as an AUX-jack for connecting an MP3 player (compatible with iPod).

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