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Mesko MS 4910

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Type: deep fryer; Programmes: Basket capacity (kg): 0.5; Bowl volume (L): 1.5; removable bowl; viewing window; anti-odour filter; non-stick coating; Power consumption (W): 900; Material: metal; Weight (kg): 1.75;
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Mesko MS 4910
deep fryer
cooking t
150 – 190 °С
Basket capacity
0.5 kg
Bowl volume
1.5 L
removable bowl
viewing window
anti-odour filter
non-stick coating
Power consumption
900 W
1.75 kg
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july 2019
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Metal case. Compact size and light weight. Non-stick coating.

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Compact but roomy

The deep fryer is not in vain popular with users, as it offers the best value for money. First of all, this is a fairly compact kitchen appliance weighing 1.75 kg, which does not take up much space and does not cause inconvenience when moving - for example, if the kitchen is small, and the appliance itself is stored on a shelf and is taken out only when necessary. However, the volume of the bowl is 1.5 liters, and the basket can hold up to 500 g of food at a time - this amount will be enough for several people.

Another plus in the piggy bank of the deep fryer is the case made of durable metal, which increases the life of the device. Frankly, the model looks pretty solid and outwardly practically does not betray its belonging to the low-cost segment.

Fast and convenient

The power of 900 W, which the device possesses, is far from the highest indicator, but given the not too large capacity, this is enough. So, it takes about 10 minutes to heat up the oil, and the same amount to fry french fries. Unfortunately, there is no timer, but there is a convenient thermostat with temperature control from 150 to 190 degrees and indications of the time required to cook certain products. Moreover, the process can be observed through the viewing window in the lid - so you do not miss when the dish is ready, and do not overcook the ingredients.

In addition, the deep fryer is equipped with a basket with a removable handle, a filter that does not let unpleasant odours into the house, and a non-stick bowl for easier cooking and cleaning.

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