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Makita UT1200

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Product type: mixer; Type: portable; Power consumption (W): 960; Rotation speed (rpm): 590; Max. mixing paddle diameter (mm): 120; Reduction drive: 1 speed; Spindle internal thread: M14; soft start; power button lock; Cable length (m): 3.15; Noise level (dB): 89; Weight (kg): 3.2;
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Makita UT1200
Product type
Power consumption
960 W
Rotation speed
590 rpm
Max. mixing paddle diameter
120 mm
Reduction drive
1 speed
Max. stirred weight
30 kg
Spindle internal thread
soft start
power button lock
Power source
electricity grid
Cable length
3.15 m
Noise level
89 dB
3.2 kg
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may 2015
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Durable. Doesn't overheat for a long time. Fast mixing of material. Easy. Smooth start.
There is no speed controller. There is no drilling option.

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Durable Japanese instrument

The Japanese from the Makita company is made of wear-resistant parts for long-term work on construction sites. The manufacturer gives a six-year warranty on the operation of the gearbox and other components of the construction mixer. With a power of 960 W, the tool is capable of mixing up to 30 kg of concrete or gypsum mixes. At the same time, the cooling system provides up to three hours of continuous operation without overheating. True, some users note that after two and a half hours the mixer starts to drive hot air, which is not entirely pleasant for the operator, especially in the warm season.

Handles liquid materials well

It is convenient to use the mixer for mixing varnishes, paints and liquid adhesives, as the soft start function allows you to start work without splashing the working material. The maximum unit is capable of delivering 590 rpm, which is quite enough to stir a 20-liter bucket of putty in 4 minutes. However, there is no speed control here, so you can change the speed only by pressing the start button strongly / weakly.

Comfortable work

As for a professional construction mixer, the device has a rather small weight - 3.2 kg. Thanks to this, the operator is less tired when working with the mixer for a long time. Makita UT1200 has two non-slip handles for comfortable rotation of the mixer while mixing especially viscous mixtures. For continuous operation, the model is equipped with a start button blocker. The only thing holding you back from buying is the price. However, it is due to the excellent build quality and durability of the tool.

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