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Logitech G332

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Logitech G332
Connection and design
Designoverhead, closed
full size Over-Ear
swiveling earcups
Connection typewired
Connectionmini-Jack (3.5 mm)
mini-Jack (2 x 3.5 mm) / extension lead /
Cable supplysingle-sided
Cable length2 m
Cable typeround
Impedance39 Ohm
Frequency range20 – 20000 Hz
Sensitivity107 dB
Speaker size50 mm
Emitter typedynamic
Microphone specs
Microphoneon shackle
Frequency range100 – 20000 Hz
Volume control
Ear cushion materialleatherette
Weight280 g / without cable /
Added to E-Catalogmarch 2019


Closed-back gaming over-ear headphones with a drop-down microphone on the headband, designed for casual gamers and novice e-sports players. They belong to the line of the 2019 model year and are a replacement for the popular Logitech G230 model. Positioned as an affordable mid-range product designed to work with personal computers and laptops. To connect to the sound source, a regular non-detachable round profile cable with two 3-pin mini-Jack 3.5mm connectors is used.

Despite such a simple analogue connection, the Logitech G332 Stereo Gaming Headset gaming headphones provide good sound positioning accuracy, which helps to correctly and quickly navigate the current gaming environment. High-quality balanced game sound (without excessive distortion in the bass region) is created by large dynamic drivers with a 50 mm diaphragm and slightly increased impedance (39 ohms).

The practical design is also worthy of mention, with soft ear cushions trimmed with high-quality leather substitute. Thanks to the headband adjustments and the bowl rotation mechanism, the headphones easily adapt to the anatomical features of the user's head and do not cause discomfort during many hours of gaming sessions. Equipped with a volume control (on the left ear cup) and an auto mute system for the unidirectional microphone.

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Video reviews

Looking for balance

Inexpensive gaming headsets are always a story about finding the right balance. When there is no way to spend time on the 15th and 16th backlight modes, you have to focus on the most important: the sound of the headphones, the convenience of the design and the quality of the built-in microphone. And as sales statistics show, this idea is to the liking of most gamers. So the updated Logitech G332 headset tells the same balance story. And it sounds very real.

Moderately powerful bass

Firstly, the Logitech G332 has a fairly balanced sound by the standards of its class. We all know that gaming headset manufacturers rely on low frequencies, forgetting about everything else. If it sounds like in a movie theater, then everything is in order. There is nothing wrong with this approach if you use the headset purely for gaming. But what if you want to include a couple of your favorite songs in them while the server is full or one of the teammates jumped into the kitchen? The Logitech G332 does not sacrifice highs and mids for bass, which adds useful versatility.

Futuristic design

Externally, the Logitech G332 looks like a 110% gadget for gamers — futuristic, slightly artsy and aggressive. If you imagine some minimalist hi-fi headphones like the Audeze Titanium, Logitech's appearance would be at the opposite extreme of the design textbook. Whether this is good or bad is debatable. About appearance, as well as about musical tastes, it is not customary to argue. But what pleased me was the quality of materials, the level of body assembly and ergonomics. They somehow imperceptibly sit on your head and after a while you completely forget about them. The fit is excellent, the cups are swivel, the ear pads are really comfortable.

Not like in a submarine

But the sound insulation here is not at all a record, but this is again a double-edged sword. Few people will play at a construction site to the sound of cement mixers, so not all gamers like to completely cut themselves off from their surroundings. It is equally important for many to understand at least approximately what is happening in the house — a child woke up, a cat yelling in search of food, a courier brought pizza, or someone from the household calls for help.