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Knowledge Zenith ZAX

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KZ ZAX In Ear Wired Earphones 1DD+7BA HiFi Bass Monitor Headset Hybrid tec
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Knowledge Zenith ZAX
Connection and design
behind the ear
Connection typewired
Connectionmini-Jack (3.5 mm)
Cable supplydual-sided
Cable typeround, braided
Detachable cable
Impedance24 Ohm
Frequency range10 – 40000 Hz
Sensitivity113 dB
Speaker size10 mm
Emitter typehybrid
Number of emitters8
Microphone specs
Microphoneon cable
Power supply
Charging portmicroUSB
Weight27 g
In boxsilicone tips
Added to E-Catalogapril 2021
Headphones KZ ZAX provide the ability to connect via Bluetooth using a BT adapter.

Unusual vacuum headphones with interchangeable cables and the ability to connect wirelessly using an external Bluetooth adapter. Like all products of the Knowledge Zenith (or simply KZ) brand, this model is aimed at hardcore music lovers who, on the one hand, do not need the advanced capabilities of TWS models, and, on the other hand, are not ready to sell a kidney for expensive audiophile headphones.

The KZ ZAX model is really capable of surprising: a complex speaker of its own design with a double magnet, one dynamic driver and seven (!) reinforcing radiators, where each one is responsible for its own frequency range, is responsible for sound reproduction. The speaker has a total sensitivity of 113 dB and is able to reproduce the frequency spectrum from ultra-low 20 Hz to frequencies almost inaudible to the human ear in the region of 40 kHz.

And to reduce the influence of external factors on the sound, KZ engineers equipped each earpiece with a zinc faceplate and a compensation hole. Thanks to this, the model boasts an excellent sound, as for its price range, with a well-accentuated bass, a neat midrange and transparent high frequencies. Not without reason, some bloggers compared their sound with the legendary Kinera Idun.

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