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Intex 57412

Photos - Inflatable Pool Intex 57412
The product is outdated
$5.25 to $8.24
The form: round; Volume (L): 173; inflatable bottom; Material: vinyl; Dimensions (cm): 114x114x25; Board height (cm): 25; Weight (kg): 1.2;
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Intex 57412
The form
173 L
More features
inflatable bottom
114x114x25 cm
Board height
25 cm
1.2 kg
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april 2015
Some stores may stock the same pool model with different accessories. On the market there can be both the cheapest options (without a complete set), and options with a powerful pump, bedding and filters.
The information in the model description is for reference purposes.
Always check with the manager of the online store the characteristics and configuration of the product before buying
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