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GARDENA Comfort AquaContour 8133-20

Photos - Garden Sprinkler GARDENA Comfort AquaContour 8133-20
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Type: contour; Installation: platform; Number of nozzles: 6; Irrigation angle adjustment; Сoverage distance (m): 10.5; Pressure (bar): 2 - 4; Pressure control;
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GARDENA Comfort AquaContour 8133-20
Number of nozzles
Irrigation angle adjustment
Сoverage distance
10.5 m
Max. coverage area
350 m²
2 - 4 bar
Pressure control
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april 2016
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Series GARDENA Comfort
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Additional features garden sprinkler GARDENA Comfort AquaContour 8133-20:
  • Ability to programme two different irrigation circuits
  • Includes a platform for precise positioning and 2 pegs for fixing the sprinkler
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