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Fiskars 1027028

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Type: oscillating; Installation: platform; Number of nozzles: 18; Irrigation angle adjustment; Сoverage distance (m): 21; Pressure (bar): 4;
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Fiskars 1027028
Number of nozzles
Irrigation angle adjustment
Spraying width
17 m
Сoverage distance
21 m
Max. coverage area
357 m²
4 bar
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may 2020
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"Top" sprinkler for summer cottages and gardens

The Fiskars 1027028 sprinkler hits far (range reaches 21 m) and waters the garden with a wide strip (up to 17 m), covering an area of 357 m². But setting up the device for watering a smaller area is not difficult, because it is possible to adjust the inclination of the side nozzles and the angle of rotation of the mechanism. An interesting feature of this model is the presence of an "On / Off" switch. With a button on the sprinkler, you can turn watering on and off without leaving your lawn, instead of going to a faucet, outlet or pump.

Quality and reliability

The Fiskars sprinkler is a robust device made of aluminium and durable plastic. The removable filter is easy to clean from sand and dirt. Plaque on soft silicone nozzles is cleared with one movement of the finger. The recommended working pressure is 4 bar. There is usually no such pressure in domestic water supply. But almost any good pumping station used to supply water to a private house or summer cottage will easily create the necessary pressure. To connect the sprinkler, it is not necessary to use expensive branded reinforced hoses and “cool” fibreglass connectors. The manufacturer emphasizes that his sprinklers are fully compatible with elements of irrigation systems manufactured by other companies.

Made in Finland

This sprinkler costs more than $50. This is a little expensive, because you can easily buy sprinklers of other brands of the same characteristics for one and a half times cheaper. What are we paying for? First of all, for quality. Fiskars still makes all its sprinklers in the homeland of the brand, in Finland, and, like many other companies, does not even plan to transfer production to China.

Among other oscillating sprinklers of this brand, the inexpensive Fiskars 1023659 and the "water-saving" Fiskars 1023661 deserve attention.

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