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Einhell TC-TC 618 (4301180)

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Type: electric stationary; Power (W): 600; Rotation speed: 3000; Disc diameter (mm): 180; Cutting depth (mm): 35; Water cooling; Mitre cutting;
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Einhell TC-TC 618
Typeelectric stationary
Power sourcenet
Power600 W
Rotation speed3000 rpm
Disc diameter180 mm
Bore diameter25.4 mm
Cutting depth35 mm / 90° / 22 мм — 45° /
Water cooling
Disc/cutter feedbottom
Mitre cutting / 0° — 45° /
Table dimensions330x360 mm
Weight8.5 kg
Added to E-Catalogdecember 2016

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Light low-cost model

Inexpensive (even compared to manual tile cutters), the Chinese-assembled low-cost model is designed for household tasks of cutting wall and floor tiles. Small dimensions and weight of 8.5 kg make it easy to transport in a car and carry even one person. The bed has a parallel stop, which allows you to cut clearly defined pieces of ceramics. Also, its advantage is the ability to tilt relative to the saw blade by 45 degrees (the maximum thickness of the tile when cutting at this angle is 22 mm).

Good cutting speed

The unit is able to work with discs with a diameter of 180 mm, and cut tiles up to 35 mm thick — it will no longer take paving slabs. It is worth noting that a seemingly low-powered 600-watt motor is able to accelerate the disc to 3000 rpm and cut tiles 5 mm thick and 30 cm long in just 30 seconds. However, the quality of the cut is not always satisfactory — there are small chips along the edge of the tile. This is due to the low-quality disc that comes with the kit, therefore, when buying a tile cutter, we recommend changing the cutting nozzle to a higher quality disc.

Design features

At the base of the engine on the body there are fasteners for the power cord, which is easily wound around them and does not “telepathize” along the floor. The framework is made of strong aluminium pipes on which the bed is rigidly fixed. Unfortunately, the design does not provide legs, so for convenient use of the tile cutter, you will have to put it on a pre-prepared table. Also, the disadvantage is the small area of \u200b\u200bthe bed, which makes it quite problematic to cut tiles larger than 20 x 20 cm. The device is suitable for domestic needs, as well as infrequent “covens”.

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