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Dnipro-M DCL-360 Ultra

Photos - Torch Dnipro-M DCL-360 Ultra
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Type: auxiliary lighting; Lamp type: lEDs; Diode model: LED SMD; Luminous flux (lm): 4500; Light angle (glare) (°): 360; Max. operating time (h): 16; Power source: battery; car torch charger; Water protection: IP54; Material: metal/plastic; Length (cm): 875; Weight (g): 3800;
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Dnipro-M DCL-360 Ultra
high brightnesswithout battery
Typeauxiliary lighting
Lamp typelEDs
Diode modelLED SMD
Colorful temperature6500 К
Number of diodes1 pcs
Max. luminous flux4500 lm
Light angle (glare)360 °
Max. operating time16 h
Brightness levels4
Power supply
Power sourcebattery
Battery modelBP-220, BP-240, BP-260
Water protectionIP54
Length875 cm
Weight3800 g
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