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DeWALT D21520

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Product type: drill mixer; Type: portable; Power consumption (W): 710; Rotation speed (rpm): 550; Max. torque (Nm): 50; Max. mixing paddle diameter (mm): 160; Reduction drive: 1 speed; Reverse: flag; Chuck type: key; Chuck diameter (mm): 13; power button lock; Noise level (dB): 91; Weight (kg): 3.4
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DeWALT D21520
Product type
drill mixer
Power consumption
710 W
Rotation speed
550 rpm
Max. torque
50 Nm
Max. mixing paddle diameter
160 mm
Reduction drive
1 speed
Chuck type
Chuck diameter
13 mm
power button lock
Power source
electricity grid
In box
Noise level
91 dB
3.4 kg
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february 2016
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High torque. Working with large nozzles. Two additional handles Reverse function.
Noisy. Low power.

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Working with large nozzles

The DeWalt drill mixer has an average power for its class of 710 watts, but a rather high torque of 50 Nm. This combination allows the mixer to mix up to 35 kg of concrete mix with coarse crushed stone filler. It should be noted that the design allows you to work with nozzles for mixing up to 160 mm in diameter. This is the highest figure among mixers up to 1 kW.

Easily frees stuck drills

DeWalt D21520 can also be used as a hand drill. The turnkey chuck works with drills for wood up to 40 mm in diameter and for metal up to 16 mm. If the drill bites during operation, the reverse function will allow you to release it from the hole. The body of the mixer is completely rubberized, with the exception of the gearbox - it is made of high-strength aluminium alloy, which also cools the mechanism. The gearbox itself is durable, but quite noisy - 91 dB.

Comfortable handles on all sides

The design of the DeWalt D21520 mixer-drill is equipped with three handles - one main and two additional. The side three-position handle is capable of changing its position in the range of 270 degrees; it is designed for easy drilling. The rear two-position is required exclusively for mixing, and can be installed vertically or horizontally in relation to the “body” of the mixer. Of course, for the opportunity to use such a convenient “multi-armed” drill, the buyer will have to spend a little money, but this will more than pay off in work.

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