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De'Longhi FH 1396

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Type: multi-oven; Programmes: fries; more features: pizza, cake, stew, grill; Basket capacity (kg): 1.7; removable bowl; viewing window; anti-odour filter; heat indicator; non-stick coating; Timer: electronic; Power consumption (W): 1400; Material: plastic; Dimensions (mm): 395x325x290
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De'Longhi FH 1396
pizza, cake, stew, grill
Basket capacity
1.7 kg
removable bowl
viewing window
anti-odour filter
heat indicator
non-stick coating / ceramic /
Power consumption
1400 W
395x325x290 mm
Added to E-Catalog
november 2018
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Auto cooking programs. The combination of the operation of the upper and lower heating elements with a blower fan. Spacious bowl with non-stick coating. Intuitive controls. Electronic timer.

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Video reviews

The multicooker in the “full hardware” configuration from the upper strata of the society of deep fryers with the attachment of aero-easily does not only colleagues in the shop, but also many devices from the category of multicookers. Thinking up impossible tasks for her is not an easy task.

capacious bowl

The model differs from peers both in appearance and in terms of spaciousness. The 5 liter removable bowl of the device with non-stick coating is ready to take on board enough food to satisfy the hunger of a company of 4-5 people. It is possible to control the degree of readiness of dishes through the transparent top cover.

Intuitive controls

What else captivates De'Longhi FH 1396 is its thoughtfulness to the smallest detail. Especially when it comes to setting cooking parameters. The user will need to select either the desired programme (fries, pizza, cake, stew, grill), or set the temperature and cooking time on their own, resorting to the services of an electronic panel with a small digital display. The mechanical knob for selecting preset programs is also assigned the function of switching the operating modes of the upper and lower heating elements with a blower fan (everything is the same as in an “adult” oven).

Extended kit

The extended equipment of the device consists of a measuring cup, a grill grate and an illustrated recipe book in hardcover. Immediately for the model you will have to pay a tidy sum, but the opportunity to pamper yourself and your family with useful culinary masterpieces, without making excessive efforts, more than pays for the high cost of a multi-oven with a temperamental Italian character.

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