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De'Longhi FH 1363

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Type: multi-oven; Programmes: Basket capacity (kg): 1.5; removable bowl; viewing window; anti-odour filter; heat indicator; non-stick coating; Timer: electronic; Power consumption (W): 1400; Material: plastic; Dimensions (mm): 395x325x270; Weight (kg): 5;
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De'Longhi FH 1363
Basket capacity
1.5 kg
removable bowl
viewing window
anti-odour filter
heat indicator
non-stick coating
Power consumption
1400 W / 200W bottom heater /
395x325x270 mm
5 kg
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march 2018
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Four operating modes. Top and bottom heating elements. Large capacity bowl with non-stick coating. Automatic mixing of the contents with a special spatula. Electronic timer.

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The temperamental Italian De'Longhi FH 1363 differs from its colleagues in its increased capacity — at one time in a 5-liter bowl of a multi-oven, you can cook crispy fries for a company of children or chicken wings for 8 adults.

Oven substitute

At the user's disposal, 4 modes of operation of the stove are kindly provided: convection, air grill, air fryer and oven. Actually, the model is primarily focused on replacing bulky ovens in the face of a lack of free space in the kitchen. A fan is connected to the upper heater of the multifurnace, which accelerates the heated air around the entire perimeter of the working space, and the device also has a low-power lower heating element (200 W).

Flight of culinary fantasy

With such a rich decoration, the possibilities of De'Longhi FH 1363 in cooking rest solely on your flight of culinary imagination. Moreover, the model is equipped with a special spatula for mixing the contents with an interval of about 30 seconds., thanks to which you do not need to stand at the stove with a kitchen spatula at the ready — stews, risotto or stew with gravy are guaranteed not to burn.

Advanced functionality

The degree of readiness of dishes can be seen through the transparent top cover of the device. A mechanical thermostat with four levels of heating power is also built right into it. Of the other controls, the electronic timer, which is located on the front panel of the device, deserves close attention. Even more features are offered by the hit oven De'Longhi FH 1394 with a septet of automatic programs for cooking healthy food (7 pcs., To put it in classical terminology).

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