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Clatronic FR 3586 (263684)

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Type: deep fryer; Programmes: Bowl volume (L): 3; removable bowl; heat indicator; Power consumption (W): 2000; Compartment for cord; Material: metal; Dimensions (mm): 240x215x405; Weight (kg): 2.8;
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Clatronic FR 3586
deep fryer
cooking t
130 – 190°С
Bowl volume
3 L
removable bowl
heat indicator
Power consumption
2000 W
Compartment for cord
240x215x405 mm
2.8 kg
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june 2015

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Stainless steel body. Compact dimensions. Removable parts for easy cleaning. Cord compartment.

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For a big family

The spacious deep fryer from Clatronic will please you with its low cost and good capacity: 3 liters of oil are placed in the bowl, which allows you to fry about 1.6 kg of food at a time. Of course, oil consumption is high, but if you have a large family in which they cook a lot and often, this model will become an excellent helper in the kitchen. Outwardly, it looks like a serious professional device, although it is intended for domestic use. The body, lid, heating element and oil tank are made of stainless steel, which ensures a long service life, high temperature resistance and damage resistance. At the same time, there are thermally insulated handles on the lid and body that protect against burns. Given the materials, the deep fryer is quite weighty, but, surprisingly, it takes up little space: the manufacturer managed to successfully combine large capacity with compact dimensions.

For any meal

The power of the device is 2000 W, and the adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in the range from 130 to 190 degrees. This is another plus, as advanced heating settings allow you to experiment with roasting and cook various dishes: from classic french fries and pastries to meat, fish and vegetables, including battered ones. The heating element is placed directly in the oil, which ensures rapid heating and prevents smoke and odours. However there is no viewing window in the lid, although, apparently, there is no need for it: the instructions advise removing the lid during frying so that the boiling oil does not leak out, and using it only during storage. But in this case, you will have to sacrifice cleanliness in the kitchen, as oil splashes will remain on the surfaces.

Cooks fast - easy to clean

Otherwise, the deep fryer is as convenient as possible to use. The oil heating and readiness for frying is signaled by an indicator on the body. The overheating protection system turns off the device if you forget to add oil. The case has a special compartment for storing the cord. But most importantly, the container, basket and heating element are removable, so draining the oil and washing them after cooking is not difficult. Even taking into account the fact that the main container does not have a non-stick coating.

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