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Clatronic DB 3108

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Type: travel (compact); Power (W): 880; Coating of the working surface: non-stick; Water tank volume: 30; steam supply; vertical steaming; Iron weight (kg): 0.52;
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Clatronic DB 3108
travel (compact) / rotary knob /
Power consumption
880 W
Coating of the working surface
Water tank volume
30 ml
steam supply
vertical steaming
Iron weight
0.52 kg
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february 2011

Combination brush head for vertical steaming

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A miniature iron called Clatronic DB 3108 fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, being an excellent travel option with a not very basic set of functions.


Perhaps the main advantage of the model lies in its ultra-compact dimensions, due to which it takes up a minimum of space in luggage. The rotary handle helps to place the iron this way and that in the suitcase. The ability to turn it 180 ° is also useful if you want to steam clothes vertically — for this purpose, the iron is equipped with a combined brush nozzle, which is worn on the sole.

Non-stick sole

The working surface of the model has non-stick properties, which allows you to protect the ironed fabric from damage. However due to the low power (800 W) Clatronic DB 3108 does not cope well with ironing coarse fabrics, and for some types of materials its sole refuses to glide smoothly.

Road option

As correctly noted by many owners of the model, it only lacks battery support. Then there would be no price for the iron at all. But even without this, he is preferred by many travelers and business travelers who, by the call of their hearts or duty of service, spend a lot of time on the road and always want to keep their clothes neat.

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