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Braun CareStyle 3 IS 3132 (0128803000)

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Type: with steam generator; Power (W): 2400; Coating of the working surface: ceramic; Steam pressure: 6; Steam supply power (g/min): 120; Steam boost power (g/min): 400; Water tank volume: 2000; steam supply; vertical steaming; automatic temperature control; automatic shut-off; eco mode
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Braun CareStyle 3 IS 3132
with steam generator
Power consumption
2400 W
Coating of the working surface
ceramic / Eloxal Plus /
Steam pressure
6 bar
Steam supply power
120 g/min
Steam boost power
400 g/min
Water tank volume
2000 ml
Heating time
120 sec
steam supply
vertical steaming
automatic temperature control
automatic shut-off
eco mode
self-cleaning from limescale / special container included /
anti-drip system
Cable length
1.8 m
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july 2021

The volume of the water tank is 2 liters. Removable tank. FreeGlide 3D outsole. Eco and turbo modes.
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Powerful and performant

The iron of the famous German brand Braun successfully combines good functionality and low price and will become an indispensable assistant in a house where they wash a lot and often. This is a fairly large device that will take up a lot of space. The model is equipped with a compartment for the cord and an Easy lock system for securely fixing the iron on the base, which will simplify storage. It also boasts a high level of performance. The power is 2400 W, and the tank holds an impressive 2 liters of liquid. As a result, you do not have to constantly add water, distracting from ironing, although this process has been made as convenient as possible: the tank here is removable and has a handle, so you can fill it with one hand, and large holes allow you to pour water directly from the tap. LED lamps on the case will warn you when you need to fill the “tank”.

The pump provides a pressure of 6 bar, with a constant steam output of 120 g/min. If you need to smooth out thick fabrics or complex folds, use the steam boost, the power of which reaches 400 g / min. With such indicators, the iron quickly handles with a large amount of clothes and is able to smooth out more voluminous things like curtains, tablecloths, etc. The vertical steam option lets you clean up your curtains or work suit without taking it off the hanger. At the same time, the anti-drip system ensures that there are no unpleasant wet marks left on the clothes. In addition, the device is not too heavy and easy enough to operate, so it will be an excellent purchase for the elderly.

Any fabric — quickly and safely

Another development of the manufacturer was the FreeGlide3D sole, made of a special Eloxal Plus alloy. The working surface is rounded and slightly raised at the back, due to which it resembles a snowboard in shape. As a result, the sole glides smoothly both forward and backward, easily overcomes buttons and pockets and does not form new folds on things.

And so you don't have to worry about what temperature to choose for a particular type of fabric, the model offers iCare technology, which uses a safe temperature for all types of ironing — from delicate fabrics to coarser fabrics. If you wish, you can choose Eco mode, which saves more than 48% of energy without affecting the result, or turbo for the most difficult cases.