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Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus 195/65 R15 91H

Photos - Tyre Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus 195/65 R15 91H
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Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus Winter Passenger Car Touring Radial Tire-195/
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Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus [195/65R15]
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Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus 195/65 R15 91H
Product Type
passenger / SUV
195 mm
Aspect ratio
65 %
Tyre inner diameter
15 "
Load index
Speed rating
Pattern Symmetry
Fuel efficiency
Wet Grip
Noise Level
70 dB
Added to E-Catalog
june 2018

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The production of Premiorri automobile tyres has been established at the facilities of the Bila Tserkva tyre plant Rosava. Rubber under the brand name captivates the end consumer with a balance of price and driving performance. A vivid example of this is the winter tyre ViaMaggiore Z Plus, which appeared on store shelves in 2017.

Scandinavian type

The sharpness of the model for operation in harsh winter conditions gives out the Scandinavian type of structure of the tread pattern with large diamond-shaped checkers. Their geometry improves traction and braking performance on winter roads. The rigidity of the tread blocks is increased by three-dimensional dense "seating" sipes, located at different angles for work in all directions.

Asymmetrical pattern

To remove water masses and melted snow from the contact patch of the tyre with the roadway, the design of the Premiorri ViaMaggiore Z Plus tread includes two wide water drainage channels, flavored with a network of smaller grooves. The phenomena of hydroplaning and slashplanning of the model are not terrible from the word "at all". The inner side of the asymmetric rubber tread pattern is aimed specifically at removing snow “porridge”, while its outer part is responsible for the stability of the car when manoeuvring.

Out of competition

The model "rakes" out of the virgin snow, tenaciously clings to the icy road and does not lose ground on dry pavement, providing a very soft ride. A fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey is just the noise of a tyre. In cars with poor sound insulation, the rumble from rubber will be heard from a speed of about 50 km/h. Is it forgivable for rubber? Of course. Indeed, in the ultra-low-cost league of winter tyres, the model simply does not have special competitors in terms of the combination of driving characteristics.

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