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Comparison Matroluxe Azalia (160x200) and Matroluxe Cappuccino (160x200)

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Matroluxe Azalia (160x200)Matroluxe Azalia (160x200)
Matroluxe Cappuccino (160x200)Matroluxe Cappuccino (160x200)
Matroluxe Azalia
Azalia 160x200
Matroluxe Cappuccino
Cappuccino 160x200
The product is outdatedThe product is outdated
Typespring (independent)spring (independent)
Rigiditymedium / highabove average
Number of layers67
Filleroxygen Foam, coconut coir, thermofibertermofelt fibre, coconut coir, thermofiber
Maximum load (1 seat)130 kg150 kg
Number of springs256 pcs/m2256 pcs/m2
More features
winter/summer effect
anti-allergic / antibacterial
winter/summer effect
anti-allergic / antibacterial
Producing countryUkraineUkraine
Height22 cm21 cm
Added to E-Catalogaugust 2017may 2017
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Matroluxe Azalia often compared
Matroluxe Cappuccino often compared