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Comparison Konner&Sohnen KS 50 and Hyundai HY50

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Konner&Sohnen KS 50 Konner&Sohnen KS 50
Hyundai HY50 Hyundai HY50
Konner&Sohnen KS 50 Hyundai HY50
from $214.20 up to $336.00
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from $233.73 up to $259.84
Outdated Product
Suitable forclean waterclean water
Maximum performance
30000 L/h /maximum/
30000 L/h /maximum/
Maximum head
70 m /maximum/
27 m /maximum/
Pump typecentrifugalcentrifugal
Suction typeself-primingself-priming
Suction height8 m8 m
Maximum liquid temperature40 °С
Suction systemsingle stagesingle stage
Return hole size
2" /50 mm/
2" /50 mm/
Inlet hole size
1 1/2" /38 mm/
2" /50 mm/
Maximum power5100 W4100 W
Power sourcepetrolpetrol
Engine specifications210 cm³, 7 hp, 4-stroke, single-cylinder
163 cm³, 5.5 hp, 4-stroke, single-cylinder /manual starter, air-cooled/
Fuel tank volume3.6 L3.6 L
General specs
Country of originGermanyKorea
Dimensions500х385х435 mm
Weight28 kg24.85 kg
Added to E-Catalogmay 2016october 2014
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