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Philips Avance Collection HD9650/90

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Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology 3lb/7qt Black HD9

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Philips Avance Collection HD9650/90
Philips Avance Collection HD9650/90
Basket capacity
1.4 kg
removable bowl
anti-odour filter
heat indicator
non-stick coating
Power consumption
2225 W
Compartment for cord
433x321x315 mm
8 kg
Added to E-Catalog
february 2019
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Twin TurboStar technology — hot air streams remove excess fat from products
Bowl divider sold separately

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Series Philips Avance
Philips Avance Collection HD9650/90
from $209.00 
multi-oven, capacity: up to 1.4 kg, timer, odour filter, bowl: removable, non-stick, programs: fries, chicken, meat, fish, cupcake, 2225 W
Philips Avance Collection HR 3868
from $299.99 
stationary blender, 2000 W, speeds 10   , pulse mode, bowl 2 L

For a big family

The Philips model is rightfully considered one of the most popular on the market. Although it is not cheap, it has a lot of useful features and capabilities for quick and convenient cooking of delicious dishes. First of all, this is one of the most capacious multi-furnaces in the manufacturer's assortment. It allows you to cook up to 1.4 kg of food at a time, and this is a small whole chicken, several servings of chicken legs and a lot of french fries. In general, there is enough food for the whole family. However this was reflected in the dimensions of the device: it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen and weighs as much as 8 kg. Nevertheless, it will be not only functional, but also a stylish assistant: the black plastic case has a glossy finish, which, although it quickly collects fingerprints, is also quickly cleaned.

No extra fat

In addition to the fact that the multi-oven itself means almost oil-free cooking, the Philips Avance Collection HD 9650 is also equipped with Twin TurboStar technology to remove excess fat from products. Powerful streams of hot air melt the fat, after which it flows down and settles at the bottom of the bowl, without falling back on the ingredients. Thus, the food becomes as useful and healthy as possible, even if it is french fries or grilled chicken, which are usually "bathed" in oil — perfect for supporters of proper nutrition. At the same time, meat or fish do not lose their juiciness and do not become dry and tasteless.

Clear management

The device allows you to fry, bake and bake meat, vegetables, chilled snacks (such as nuggets) or pies and muffins. For this, five preset programs are provided: french fries, chicken, meat, fish and cake (baking), as well as a manual mode to select the required temperature and cooking time yourself. When choosing an automatic programme, the device sets only the temperature, so at first you will need an instruction book and a recipe book from the package, which details the required time, taking into account the number of products. The multi-oven does not take time to warm up — load the ingredients and start cooking immediately. During operation, it is possible to pause the process to mix or turn the products. Another useful feature is Keep Warm for up to 30 minutes, so that the dish remains hot even if someone is late to the table.

Easy to wash

The non-stick coating of the bowl not only prevents sticking, but also makes it easy to clean after cooking. Simply remove the removable parts, drain off the oil and fat collected at the bottom and rinse the bowl and basket with hot water and detergent. In addition, they can be washed in the dishwasher. There is also a cord storage for more convenient storage.

By the way, for an additional fee, you can buy accessories for the multi-oven — baking kits (large mold and small silicone ones), grill kits (grill pan and skewers) and party kits (two-level accessory and food divider).

Additional features fryer Philips Avance Collection HD9650/90:
  • Keep warm function
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